Homeschool students/families are invited to join us for a variety of lessons throughout the 2018/2019 school year.  This is a great opportunity to get your homeschooler(s) involved in hands-on, minds-on environmental education throughout the year.  All lessons are at least partly outdoors, and most are entirely outside, so be sure everyone is dressed for the weather (closed-toe shoes required).  For students ages 8 years and older.

You can sign up a-la carte (by the month - $10/student/lesson) or for a package deal (per third (3 months) - $25/student/third; for the “year” (9 months) - $75/student/“year”).  

We have a minimum requirement of five students per class, and a maximum of 15 students per class. All classes meet from 9:30am-11:30am unless otherwise noted. 


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Feb. 21 – Birds of a Feather

Birds are the highly specialized descendants of dinosaurs!  We’ll look at beaks, feet and feathers, learn how to use binoculars as we watch the birds at our feeders, and make a bird feeder to take home.  *This lesson is mostly indoors. Register by 2/14.

Mar. 21 – Journaling and Nature Observation

Learning to be still and observe is an important skill for everyone, especially those who enjoy being outside and watching nature.   Participants learn some basic observation techniques and how to record what they observe. Please come with your own journal. Register by 3/14.

Apr. 18 – Biodiversity Investigation

Exploration – that is the name of the game today!  Armed with hand lenses and curiosity, we head off trail into the woods and grassland looking for any and all signs of the critters that call these habitats home.  Our goal is to discover which habitat has the greater number of critters (abundance), and which has more types of critters (diversity)…and figure out why. Register by 4/11.

May 16 – Aquatic Studies

Learning what lives in the water can be a real eye-opening experience!  We spend this morning looking for who lives in the pond and the stream. Participants should expect to get wet – we will be wading in Hall Creek.  Required:  water shoes (old sneakers or boating shoes) – must completely and securely attach to the foot; no crocs or flip flops – Wellies are also not recommended.  We also suggest bringing a change of clothes and a towel…just in case. Register by 5/9.