Eastern Cottontail

(Sylvilagus floridanus)


STATUS: Native, “Least Concern”

DESCRIPTION: They range in length about 15.5-18.75 in. and weigh 28-54 oz.

DIET: The Eastern Cottontail eats a variety of different plants including grasses, clover, fruits, vegetables, twigs, and the bark of brambles, birch, oak, dogwood and maple trees. They may even consume their own feces to absorb any traces of nutrients.

HABITAT: shrubby, meadow areas. All rabbits beside the cottontail live in burrows.

NOTES: Most Eastern Cottontails do not live past their third year. A female cottontail is called a doe, males are called bucks, young are called kits, and together they are called herds. They communicate by thumping their hind feet on the ground and are normally non-verbal. Predators include foxes, coyotes, hawks, owls, snakes, dogs, and cats. When being preyed upon, they emit a loud shriek that lets everything know they are in distress.

Photo Credits: Wiki Commons