School Programs

Area school teachers and students frequently use the Center’s facilities and equipment for field trips to supplement classroom studies. 

We work closely with Next Generation Science Standards and your curriculum to provide an educational but fun experience for your students. 

There is an $8.00 per student fee for a visit of up to 4 ½ hours (4 hours, December-March) or $4.00 per student for up to 2 hours.  There is no fee for teachers and chaperones.

Some examples of study during field trips include:


Plants and Animals

Interdependent Relationships

Cycles (life, water, energy)

Processes that Shape our Earth

Structure and Function (Growth and Development)



Natural Resources

Seed Dispersal/Plant Pollination


Outdoor Ethics

For safety reasons we require that you provide one adult for about every ten students. 

It is important that students dress for the weather.  When properly prepared, students can enjoy nature in any weather all year round.

Each student should bring his or her own lunch.  We do not have vending machines on the premises.  Recycling and reusing are encouraged.  We can provide information on our “low waste lunch” program. 

Please call for more information or to schedule your class field trip, 815-335-2915.

Home School, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Day Care, Church Groups

We would be happy to work with your group to tailor make a program to fit your needs.  Fees vary depending on staff, equipment, etc. provided.  Please call for more information or to arrange your personalized visit.  815-335-2915.