Virginia Opossum

(Didelphis virginiana)


STATUS: Native, “Least Concern”

DESCRIPTION: White face with black-gray fur that has frosted white tips. They have pink noses, tails, and feet.

DIET: Virginia Opossums diet consists of vertebrates, invertebrates, plant material, fruits, seeds, and scavenged items, such as garbage or carrion.

HABITAT: They live in a variety of environments, and usually use other animals’ dens and man-made shelters.

NOTES: Virginia Opossums are the United States' only marsupial. The term “playing possum” comes from their instinctual behavior to shut down and “play dead” when a threat is detected. Virginia Opossums can open their jaws to almost 180 degrees, which they may use as a defense tactic to scare predators away. Read more about them on this blog post!

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