Striped Skunk

(Mephitis mephitis)


STATUS: Native, “Least Concern”

DESCRIPTION: Striped skunks can grow to be 15 lbs. and 35 in. long (tail included).

DIET: Striped Skunks feed on beetles, insects, crickets, bees, bird eggs, and voles.

HABITAT: Woodlands, forests, and grassy plains.

NOTES: Striped Skunks can live up to 7 years in the wild and 10 in captivity. They have a scent gland in their anus that used to ward off predators. When frightened or disturbed, they can spray up to 6 meters out of their anus, leaving a yellow haze and a musky smell in the air. The musk can cause temporary blindness, nausea, and intense pain, but usually is just very unpleasant to smell. They are mainly nocturnal, but may be seen during the day.

Photo Credits: Wikipedia Commons