This pond was made years ago by damming a small spring.  It is surrounded by a vast array of animals and plants.  The reason so many things live here is that the forest community, the pond, and the old-field/wetland all come together at this place to provide a great diversity of habitats and organisms.

The pond alone is quite diverse.  In the summer, look for dragonflies hovering near the water's surface; whirligigs, water striders, and patches of duckweed right at the surface; frogs around the pond's edge; minnows, tadpoles, and aquatic plants in the water, and maybe even some sign of the resident snapping turtle (Chelydra serpentina) on the bottom, or a swirl of mud where a hellgrammite is chasing an insect larva.

Facing away from the pond, retrace your steps to the right. Take the first left turn, before the shelter-house parking area, and follow the hard-surface trail to Station #28