Red Fox

(Vulpes vulpes)

red fox.jpg

STATUS: Native, “Least concern”

DESCRIPTION: An adult can weigh 6.5-24 lbs and grow as long as 55 in. (tail included). Their coloration is orange-y red with usual white undersides, black paws and accents, and a prominently white-tipped tail. They have shearing teeth that are used to rip chunks of its food without having to chew.

DIET: The red fox uses pouncing methods to catch its prey and eats foods such as eastern cottontails, rodents, insects, and fruit.

HABITAT: Found in North America and are known to have the widest distribution of canines. They live in dens in a variety of habitats such as forests, farmlands, tundras, prairies, mountains, and even urban areas

NOTES: Red foxes communicate among themselves using vocalization, facial expressions, and scent markings. A female fox is called a vixen, a male is called a dog fox, a young is called a pup or kit, and a group is called a skulk or leash.

Photo Credits: Flickr user Kamia Wolf