Green Frog

Lithobates clamitans

green frog.jpg

STATUS: Native, “Least Concern”

DESCRIPTION: 2-4” long, green to brown, dorsolateral ridges end before the groin, green upper lip, and well-defined tympanum (a round spot behind the eye, eardrum). The male’s tympanum is about twice the diameter of the eye, while the female’s tympanum is about the same diameter as her eye.

DIET: Tadpoles eat diatoms and algae, while adults eat insects, worms, small fish, and small frogs.

HABITAT: All types of permanent bodies of water. This frog is commonly found in our pond and basking in the sun on the banks of Hall Creek near the memorial bridge.


CALLS: Like the twang of a banjo, usually a single note

NOTES: These frogs sit and wait for their food to come by rather than chasing it.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons