Gray Fox

(Urocyon cinereoargenteus)


STATUS: Native, “Least Concern”

DESCRIPTION: Ashen silver back with a black stripe down its tail and rust-colored belly. It is 30-44 inches in length and weighs 8-15 lbs. It differs from the red fox with its lack of black stockings or paws. It has oval instead of slit-like pupils.

DIET: It is an omnivorous, solitary hunter. It eats a lot of eastern cottontail, voles, shrews, and birds.

HABITAT: It prefers the rocky, wooded, brushy regions of the south.

NOTES: This fox is thought to have the most basal lineage, or ancient genetics, of living canines. It dates back to 3.6 million years ago! It used to be more common than the red fox, but since the red fox is better adapted to living with people, the gray fox population is in decline. IT is one of the few canines known to climb trees.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons