Franklin’s Ground Squirrel

(Poliocitellus franklinii/Spermophilus franklinii)

franklins ground squirrel.jpg

STATUS: Native, “Threatened” in IL

DESCRIPTION: The adult squirrels range from 14-16 inches in length. In the spring they may weigh up to 11 oz. and in the fall can grow to around 34 oz.

DIET: Franklin’s Ground Squirrels feed on insects, eggs, small rodents, fish, frogs, and even sometimes small rabbits.


NOTES: Franklin’s Ground Squirrels have a number of scent glands, including small glands at the corners of the mouth for greeting others. Multiple glands running from the shoulders down to the pelvis are used to mark the burrows they make. They have three glands surrounding the anal area that produce a musky scent during their mating seasons.

Photo Credits: Wiki Commons