(Martes pennanti)


STATUS: Native, “Least Concern”

DESCRIPTION: They range from 35-47 inches long and weigh between 8 and 13 lbs. They has mottled fur in the summer and dense, glossy winter fur.

DIET: It preys on a wide variety of small animals, preferring the snowshoe hare, and can also eat fruits and mushrooms. It will occasionally eat porcupine and fish.

HABITAT: Boreal or coniferous forest, preferring areas with 80-50% canopy coverage.

NOTES: It spends most of its time on the forest floor where it preserves to forage around fallen trees. Their range used to extend to Southern and Eastern USA but were eliminated there in the 19th and 20th centuries due to overtrapping and deforestation. Efforts to restore populations has brought the species out of the “endangered” status.

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