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Canoe Convoy

Join Severson Dells staff as we explore the miles upon miles of wonderful paddling opportunities we have on the Kishwaukee River!  Staff instructors and volunteers will help you learn to be a more skillful and confident paddler and answer questions about the river ecology.  Equipment, guides and a shuttle are provided. Every week will feature a different stretch of river. Times will vary in length, but we will be off the river before 9:00 pm.  YOU MUST REGISTER BEFORE THE FRIDAY PRIOR TO GET INFORMATION.  All participant are REQUIRED to attend a quick start program before they can paddle. The quick start programs begin at 5:30 pm before the paddle. Ages 10 and up, those under the age of 18 need to be accompanied by an adult.  We reserve the right to cancel evening paddles if conditions are not favorable. (weather, water level, etc.) 815-335-2915.   

The Canoe Convoy on Monday, July 30 is closed.

You may call 815-335-2915 to be wait listed

for a paddle.