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Robbie Fulks

Robbie Fulks                   Doors at 3:45 p.m.   Show at 4:30 p.m.

Robbie plays by nobody's rules--except the ones he hears in his head.  He is prodigiously talented, with the soul of a country singer and the mind of a vaudevillian.  Besides, his scorn for the music industry makes ours look positively prosaic. But don't let that make you lose sight of THE SONGS.

Widely regarded by those who monitor such things as one of the most gifted songwriters to ever ply the trade, he can sing the kids ditty "Eggs" and Haggard's "Sing a Sad Song" back to back and mean 'em both. While it is true he started off a honky tonk smartass, it quickly became evident that Robbie was a monster talent and some of his early Bloodshot albums have been rightly elevated to the status of "classic" and serve as their own Greatest Hits collections.  Seriously.

Come out and hear the newest songs of his just released cd, ‘Upland Stories.” Fulks's storytelling through folk and bluegrass music on 'Upland Stories' delivers the quieter, sometimes unsettling truths of humanity. Don’t miss him!

Admission:     Individual show $20            Ticket to attend both shows $30  
Limited reserve and priority seating for both shows $40
Call 815-335-2915 for more information or to order tickets.

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