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The Fintastic World of Fishes in your Backyard

We are very grateful for UTC AEROSPACE SYSTEMS for allowing us to host this look at wonder and awe in nature. We feel the series represents a diverse perspective on a variety of topics on the subject. We hope to see you out here.

 Presented by Dr. Phillip Willink

Everybody knows what a fish is. But it is difficult to know where they are and what they do since they live underwater. It is this hidden world beneath the surface of our lakes and rivers that we will explore. With the aid of photos and videos, we will discuss the diversity, behaviors, ecologies, and conservation of our regional fishes. Some are big, and some are small. Many build nests, and some even protect their young. Some migrate thousands of miles to get here. All of them eat something, and in turn are in danger of being eaten. It is a complex and fascinating world beneath the waves and it is one that is in need of appreciation and conservation, even if we rarely visit this part of our backyard. 


Philip Willink, Ph.D., is the Senior Research Biologist in the Daniel P. Haerther Center for Conservation and Research of the John G. Shedd Aquarium. He has traveled around the world to study fishes, including such places as Bolivia, Brazil, Guatemala, Guyana, Jamaica, Madagascar, Mexico, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Suriname, United States (including Great Lakes and Chicago Region), and Venezuela. Philip has authored over 30 scientific publications. He has helped film nature documentaries with BBC / Discovery Channel and National Geographic Channel, as well as providing information for Animal Planet’s River Monsters.

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