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Alexander Wilson and John James Audubon: America’s First Great Ornithologist

presented by Matthew Vincent

Join Matthew Vincent has he presents a brief analyzes of the whys and work of Alexander Wilson and John James Audubon. Both men were possessed with a powerful interest in the natural world, but also were competitive entrepreneurs. Their exploits bring together elements of early American history, keen naturalistic observations, and insights into intaglio print making process. Wilson had an interest in bringing knowledge of avian life in the eastern US to the general public.  Ultimately Audubon will succeed in creating artistic master pieces that can beassessed not only in their popular appeal, but also their esthetic excellence, while Wilson whose work was more academic, providesa picture of the scientific method of early 19 century America. Matthew Vincent teaches studio art and art history at Rock Valley College.  He has great interest and knowledge of the local flora and fauna and brings a unique artist eye to any hike tromping around in nature you may get to take with him.

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