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Paddle Camping Bucket List

Canoe: The Post Canoecopia Party

Paddle Camping Bucket List

Presented by Mark and Merri Morral


Every paddler should have a bucket list of must do adventures, not necessarily ones they’ll need to quit their job for the time off, or take out a second mortgage to pay for them; adventures tuned for “normal” paddlers. Through a multimedia show the Morralls will present you with five such adventures, scattered to the four corners as well as in the middle of our great nation. Ranging from three to six days with options to extend even them even longer, these trips are sure to please.


For the Morralls, paddling is far more than a hobby or pastime, it’s been their way of life for over twenty-five years. Mark and Merri have been involved in all aspects of the sport, from paddling wild whitewater rivers, to canoe tripping in the Northern Canadian wilderness. Being so totally immersed in the sport of paddling has given them an opportunity to become deeply involved in clubs, organizations, environmental issues that affect paddling, even political issues involving river access rights and management. Their experience has also given them a clear feeling for what appeals to paddlers and how to reach them.

Paddling, and the amazing people involved in the sport, has given them so much pleasure that they've made a commitment to give back what they've received, and then some. Mark and Merri's lifelong goal is to reach out to, and draw as many people as they can into, experiencing our natural world from the seat of a canoe or kayak.