Deer Mouse

(Peromyscus keeni)

deer mouse.jpg

STATUS: Native, “Least concern”

DESCRIPTION: They range in length from about 4.7-8.7 inches and weigh 0.35-0.85 oz.

DIET: A deer mouse’s diet consists of flowers, seeds, plant and animal matter, nuts, invertebrates, and insects

HABITAT: They are most commonly found in mountains and woodlands, as they nest in large, hollow trees.

NOTES: Their lifespan is usually about 1 year in the wild, but in captivity they may live to be 8 years old. Deer mice communicate by using scent glands, making squeaky noises, and grooming one another. When disturbed, they will pound their front paws as a warning signal to other deer mice.

Photo Credits: J.N. Stuart