Come and spend time exploring Severson Dells with our camp staff and new camp friends. Each day is full of hands on explorations, activities and games that are sure to inspire your child's love of nature. 

Summer Camp 2019

Nature Play

Wild Things - This week of half-day camp is a great way to introduce your little ones to the wonder and excitement of the outdoors. Each day we explore another part of Severson Dells, playing outdoors and learning about the many plants and animals that call this place home. Expect your child to get good and dirty as he or she explores. Ages 4-6. 9:00 AM - Noon.

Session 1 : June 10-14 Session 2: July 8-12

Severson Explorers

Peek-in-the-Creek - If there is one word that best describes this week of camp, it is “wet!” Every day we are at/in the creek. Each day we explore another area of science as it relates to the stream that flows through Severson Dells: biology, chemistry, physics, engineering. Play features prominently through it all. On the last day, we head downstream on the much-anticipated slosh through the Hall Creek. Ages 7-11. 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM.

Session 1: June 17-22 Session 2: July 5-19

Forest Fantasy - Come and learn about the mythical creatures that call Severson Dells home! Each day is spent in “magical” activities that showcase the fantastical around us every day. From potion-making to invisibility, we have something for everyone, including a visit to Troll Hollow. This week of camp engages your child’s imagination and creativity in discovering the fanciful and factual elements in nature. Ages 8-12. 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM.

Session 1: June 24-28

Jr. Biologist - Perfect for the young nature enthusiast and scientist in your family! Each day we explore a different “-ology” (dendrology, ornithology, entomology, etc.). Ages 11-14. 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM.

Session 1: July 29-Aug. 2

Outdoor Adventurers

Blazing Paddles - Join us for a week of adventure by canoe along the waterways of Winnebago County. Each day we will explore a different river location, learning and improving our paddling technique while learning about the local plants and animals and enjoying river fun.

NOTE: Each day will have a different drop off location. Ages 12-16. 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM.

Session 1: July 22-26

Grandparents Camp

Enjoy a morning with your grandchild at Severson Dells discovering the joys of nature. We will explore many of the habitats that make this place special. Grandparents (any age) and their grandkids (ages 4-10 years) spend the morning enjoying some classic summer camp fun. 9:00 AM - Noon.

Session 1: July 3

Our summer campers spend the majority of each day outdoors; exploration is a key part of our daily adventures.

Camp Rates:

Full-day camps: $110/member; $140/non-member

(Peek in the Creek, Junior Biologists and Forest Fantasy)

Half-day camps: $80/member; $95/non-member

(Wild Things)

Blazing Paddles: $170/member; $200/non-member

Grandparents Camp:

1 grandparent, 1 grandchild: $25/member; $35/non-member

1 grandparent, 2 grandchildren: $40/member; $50/non-member

Camp Details:

* Registration deadlines are one week before starting date.

* Campers must be the minimum age by the start of camp.

* Young campers must have independent bathroom skills.

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