Bluebirds and Pterodactyls

I start my day in the sunshine letting the dance of nature take me into her rhythm. I am not a great dancer, but that is not the point, I enjoy the movement and feelings of harmony around me. The song is smooth and romantic, warm and bubbly, and I see the bluebird who is my D.J. sitting above me on a branch. The sunlight is illuminating his blue feathers and red breast, he is a powerful mixer of sound. I am standing under him just enjoying the romance of this transcendental moment- I close my eyes and breathe in the scent of early spring...

PTERODACTYL attack!!! Just like that the thrush is quiet and fleeing for his life. All of nature is suddenly rattled and shook to her core by the threesome that has appeared on the scene. Pileated Woodpeckers swoop in with the grandeur of a victorious military occupation. My dance of cool slow jazz suddenly turned into a punk-rock mosh pit full of chisel faced teenagers! I flee the scene to avoid getting a wood-chip in the eye and have to stop to let my heart slow.

Nature's song is so incredible because it is inconsistent and the tempo is ever changing. I hope you dance when the time is right and rock-out when the conductor changes the beat.

Spring is coming fast so make sure you stretch and we will see you on the dance floor!