Tracks upon Tracks

Walking down the familiar trail I found myself following my past. My footprints from the day before were still visible in the light, crunchy, snow under the hickory and oak trees. The light was soft both from the grey overcast as well as still mostly slumbering sun, but I could see smaller footprints within my own boot-prints.

As I made new tracks behind me and continued my morning journey I was transfixed by the visitor who had walked in my steps. Is this another gnome walking through the forest? The snow is not so deep that my footprints provided any easier mode of travel than just walking, so it must have been by choice that these little paws followed me.

I bent down and took a closer look at my stalker. I felt relieved that paws were visible and not small wooden shoe prints so I was able to release the fear of a gnome hunting party. Small and rounded, with a push of snow here and there where a nose could have been sniffing my relic scent, I am pretty confident my night time watcher was a little red fox.

I wonder who she thinks she was following? Or, does she know me and watches me everyday walk the same trail and curiosity drew her out of hiding to find and learn more? How incredible to think that we are the subject of another's curiosity and that as a species we must always remember how important all interactions are- not just first impressions.

Follow me fox. I promise I will lead us to adventure!