The full moon

I stood in my backyard near the two rail white-oak fence I built at dusk.  I watched the January full moon emerge from its hiding on the eastern horizon aglow with reflected starlight.  Snow clouds pushing in from the west had yet to blanket the entire sky and left a horizontal line of clarity to observe the rising moon.  Silver with a pink hue mixed with blue, the moon seemed to sense my watching and made haste to shroud itself in the cloud cover.  Once fully free of the horizons hold the moon hovered between earth and cloud, I could feel the movement, I was in a trance.  Like a great jewel being lifted around an elegant woman’s neck, slow and sensually the whole scene was erotically miraculous.  The touch of the moon as it appeared to rise into the clouds could not have been gentler, easy.  The reflection of my sun was being amplified to my eye with each shrinking inch the moon was drawn in by the clouds.  When only a sliver remained, like a portal into another realm, I found it hard to blink, I couldn’t take my eyes off the shimmering crescent.  I suddenly felt worried and anxious somewhat overwhelmed and amazed.  When it vanished into the clouds, would I?  I was connected.  When the final pinpoint of light disappeared I returned to my reality and could feel the cold against my cheek.  Walking back to the house, with the path enlightened by the world’s nightlight, I knew I had been under the spell as so many have before and will be again by the exotic enchantress of the full moon.