Deer days of winter...

The dog days of summer are nothing like the deer days of winter. Every morning we feed the birds and every morning white tailed deer tip the feeder to the side and pour bird seed into their mouths. This morning there were nine deer stomping around the feeder and each one of them took a turn slobbering all over the feeder. Corn fed during the fall, bird seed fed during the winter, then grass fed in the spring it is no wonder why these deer look like horses! There are many times that a big doe will be under the window of the attic and it is just so tempting to leap onto her back. Like a gnome king I would ride into the woods and explore the world around me.

From the back of my four legged beast I am accepted into the landscape as an equal and the wildlife allows me the opportunity to truly experience their world. A mink crawls up from Hall creek, she is black and her mate is white- this explains the small black and white babies I saw from the trail last spring. Two wood ducks paddle in the pool before a riffle and bluebirds land in the cottonwood above their heads. All is calm. What a peaceful, beautiful world we live among.

If you come walk the trails stay quiet and observant and you may just stumble into the magic that keeps the hills of Severson Dells alive with generations of wonder.