It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Snow lays heavy here at Severson Dells and the tranquility that can be found while walking the trails can not be more needed. If you are in need of an escape from the bustle of Holiday joy, or need to walk off the 2 pounds of Christmas ham stuck in your gizzard come out for a hike! 

This morning while walking into the center I was greeted by the deep rumble of a Great Horned owl calling out to a hopeful mate. Did you know that the owls are setting up territory already, and that they will be on the nest within a month? Babies mean spring right! If you are a mother mouse that must make last minute runs for food because you didn't plan correctly, or ate more than you should have-Look out! Night vision, extraordinary hearing, flying in complete silence, ninja accuracy with talons, owls are super heroes. I wonder if they ever pretend? 

Happy Holidays from the staff of Severson Dells!