Photo Credits: Gentry Sallie, USFWS

Photo Credits: Gentry Sallie, USFWS

American Bittern (Botaurus lentiginosus)

STATUS: Native, Migratory, Least Concern

DESCRIPTION: They have a wingspan of about 36.2 in. and can grow to be 13.1 - 17.6 oz.

DIET: Their diet consists mostly of aquatic animals such as small fish and invertebrates, but can extend to small rodents and insects

HABITAT: wet, marshy areas that are made up of freshwater and reed-like plants

NOTES: American Bitterns are usually heard, not seen, due to their exceptional camouflage and low calls. They have multiple calls that include “pump-er-luck,” “kok-kok-kok,” or “chu-peep.” They are protected on the US Migratory Bird lists.

Frequency: Rare