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Saturday, June 16th-7pm

Syvers, the husband-wife indie-folk duo from Minneapolis, share in a love of finding the honest truth no matter the cost. This common pursuit led them to write their first EP together, the Au Fond Sessions, a 3-track collection of an intimate, bare-bones gaze into the heart of relationship and the spectrum of its experience. 

The duo sweep layered vocal harmonies over effected grooves, bending the guitar and voice into a landscape of atmospheric textures. Quickly becoming a staple of their shows, live-looping grants the duo the permission to create tracks on the fly, making each night a new collaboration. 

Continuing on the stride of their first release, Syvers is in the process of completing their first full-length album set to be released in 2018 and currently traveling across the country bringing an intimate connection of song and story to their audiences.