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Species Spotlight: Bat Monitoring


Bats are important—if underappreciated—members of our ecological community. Because they are nocturnal they often escape our attention. If you are curious about these night-flying mammals, join local naturalist and citizen scientist Barbara Williams for a closer examination of the several species of bats that occur in Winnebago County. And learn how you might get involved in monitoring these fascinating creatures. Guided group bat monitoring field sessions using the echometer will be offered for volunteers and the public throughout the summer.
Pre-register for this session online by clicking HERE no later than Thursday, March 21st if you wish to reserve a printed copy of the instructional materials at the event. Walk-ins are always welcome, though space is limited.
This session is free and open to anyone interested in learning about bats; however, those interested in volunteering as official FPWC bat monitor will need to attend this training. Contact our volunteer coordinator via e-mail at, or call (815) 877-6100 for more information.